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Everyone associated with Custom Marine Brokers is an avid boater.  We like what we do.  Lawrence "LC" Coleman and Glenn Contouris are both retired and now enjoy life after satisfying careers in transportation related industries. We are closely associated with Inland Sea Marina where most of our boats are moored or stored.  We apply our business knowledge acquired from years of dealing with people, traveling around the world, and making things happen to the business of Happy Boating.  We service the Lake Norman, NC boat market and can deliver boats locally or around the world through our vast connection network with other boating experts. Call us personally: "LC"  336-403-8776 or Glenn 980-295-2628.

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Our refund policies:  Warranties must be written and signed by buyer and seller.  Refunds are handled as stated in our Purchase Agreement.  We are happy to provide deposit refunds on unsatisfactory water tests. No refunds on rent, invoice or parts.  We will accept a return within 30 days on items not used. We do not accept exchanges.  

It is our goal to meet or exceed your expectations.  If you are dissatisfied with our 

service, every effort will be made to solve the problem.  We believe in the golden rule  

and we make it our mission to earn your business.